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About The School

Teachings of Yoga Nidra - The School of Sankalpa

With the birth of my second child, I experienced a mirrored effect of re-birthing myself as well. It has since become very clear that it is time to update the way with which I serve, teach, study, and develop myself.

Moving forward, I am passing on my last 15 years of study and teachings to a selected, and trusted, group of teachers to facilitate Yoga Nidra trainings through my newest endeavour, the School of Sankalpa. I will work closely with these teachers to ensure that there is consistency of teachings throughout all offered trainings and facilitators. I am building this as a platform to offer Yoga Nidra trainings, immersions, mentorship, and a thorough program of the core beliefs work. I feel strongly that this will meet the growing requests to share this unique training, format, and study with the international community while I concentrate more of my efforts on continued studies and gatherings for School of Sankalpa teachers. The School of Sankalpa will focus on necessary preparatory practices, the science and template of the practice, information into subconscious programming, and receiving personal core belief information to translate into very effective intention setting.

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