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About The School

Sankalpa ~ A seed of potential available both to be realized and the process of realization itself. Much as the pulse of creation naturally unravels through a complexity of fluctuating chaos and organization, so to does the unfolding of our own deepest callings rise to the layers we are each able to acknowledge, birthing the call to meet the light of our own consciousness

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In simplicity, the desire one might have to feel more abundant in life, once awakened, might invite another dimension of the same desire that was not previously seen, for the process involves a willingness to meet what is in each moment…

the realization of my personal sankalpa

I had experienced a yearning, a calling as I was introduced to the practice of Yoga Nidra 15 years ago in India. An honest inquiry to know more led me on a journey of returning light to the inner dimensions, realizing layer upon layer of the multi-faceted potentials the practice had to offer. As a Mystic of All ways of truth, I journeyed through these many potentials, surrendering often to the unknown, and resting upon a sweet reverence for Every piece that crossed the light of my awareness. In Equanimity, one can see the truth behind the whispers of Forms that have been, Are and are yet to Be…

As the natural unfolding of this purpose to share the teachings of Yoga Nidra were met and nurtured, a vision and yearning began to appear. There is a depth that is presenting itself, one that needs space to honestly explore, while additionally a knowing that it is time to make the teachings more accessible while maintaining their integrity and truth...


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The creation of

the school of sankalpa

A light of knowing rose within the hearts of members within my community, all having experienced the potency of the practice, alignment with my transmissions, and all each with their own inner guidance awakening them to the call. From these cumulative paths, together we witness the request from the deep to nurture the School of Sankalpa into existence, each of us bringing teachings to support the collective and honour the evolution of my original Seed. The thread that wove us together is a service to humbly honour the Timeless Teachings that all Wisdom Schools have practiced, taught and written about, and to willingly surrender the manifested forms over and over again to return to the ocean of connectivity, where truth is born again.

In that, the essence of what is taught through the School is unchanging throughout time. Yet there are pieces that will be offered that will highlight possibilities of our time. The endless capacity of humanity to create, transform, heal and grow. To shift perceptions and enhance the experience of everyday Life, to manifest and participate. The School will continue working with Core Belief System measurements for each student as a tool to explore both their potential to shift their individual experience and as a catalyst to see beyond the changing. As our understanding of the teachings that are relevant to our times continues to shift, our community will be fed new and exciting information in the fields of neuro-science, quantum physics, Spirituality and any relevant research exploring the edge of human potential and inner technologies to balance the body and mind.

The School is unique in that it is deeply invested in the creation of community and ongoing support of mentorship. Our vision is to share annual gatherings to practice and connect, online support with additional resources and access to Yoga Nidra Recordings. The Structure is set-up to ensure new information is coming in while holding true to the timeless, a congruency in facilitation and sharing of information with our students so that a clarity can flow out to the collective.

While all experiences of life are honoured, know that our intention, inevitably is to illuminate what is unconscious and liberate the awareness from the ego-identified mind. To break free of the lure of the material realm, in order to use the power of free will in a masterful and most integral way. We choose to illuminate the unconscious through the practice of Yoga Nidra knowing that there are a million ways to the same freedom. From what is already awakened within us, a flower begins to blossom on the surface and the ever unfolding now looks like the beginnings or perhaps continuing’s of a Wisdom School that is knowingly welcoming those who’s seeds of light shine in synchronicity with ours.

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