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yoga nidra training calgary





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I'm Tanis Fishman. Founder of the School of Sankalpa. While I call Calgary home, I travel the inner & outer world studying the science and spirituality of expanded states of consciousness. I am the founder of the School of Sankalpa, and dedicated to bringing these sacred teachings to humanity.


Yoga nidra studies


learn to navigate in the sacred space between wakefulness and sleep

Yoga Nidra is a practice and a state of consciousness. The practice is in learning how to stay awake and aware as the body enters into sleep. 

There is a beautiful moment when your awareness can move inward and hold focus on its own presence. Being a witness of arising experience instead of identifying with what is arising. This state of consciousness is available to everyone. The school of sankalpa is passionate about guiding others through the very turbulent mind fluctuations to reach it. This state of consciousness enables healing of the body, conscious creation of thought, and access to a quiet mind. 

Without exaggeration, my work with Tanis has been life changing. She is steeped in deep wisdom. Her Nidras are magical and have brought great evolution to my practice and journey. If you have a chance to be in her presences, take it, you will be very happy you did.
— Kristen Ingram | Yoga Teacher, Yoga Nidra Teacher, Seniors Yoga Teacher Trainer
Tanis has been a beautiful force in my life for many years now, both as a teacher and friend. She strives for a life of illumination in a way that is as much humble as it is awe-inspiring. This deep commitment to explore the inner dimensions of spirit is an absolute gift to all who know her. I have unlimited gratitude for Tanis and her authentic teachings.
— Kael Klassen | Shaman & Meditation Guide, Women Circles Facilitator

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