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Spiritual Guidance

For sacred souls
ready to deep dive with me

- personalized spiritual guidance sessions -

My personalized sessions came about because typically after a workshop or spiritual study group, there are a few people who want to continue the work of expanding their consciousness practice—with customized instruction, feedback, and support. 

What the sessions are:

You and me. On the phone or in person.
Perhaps with a cup of tea by your side.
We'll take an inventory of your perceptions.
We'll gather some energetic measurements to understand the vibrations you are attracting, experiencing, and emitting to the field of consciousness. 

what we do in a session:

I'm going to give you a bird's eye view of what's going on in your life.

Over the course of my lifetime, I've cultivated the ability to experience, explore, and navigate the various levels of consciousness and the multitude of energetic dimensions layered into the human experience. 

I understand how unique your soul's journey is. I can feel all the lifetimes woven into this moment. I can help you connect the dots between your circumstances and the soul contracts you're not consciously aware of, to help you understand what is really happening in your life and how to proceed.

I'll help you decipher all the variables so you have a greater sense of yourself. I'll also help you clear out, diffuse, and shift any energy in your being that is not serving your highest good or the deepest dreams you have for your life's journey.

I don't necessarily give advice or my opinions, but instead look at the Universal Laws and the technology of consciousness. This becomes very empowering when understood more thoroughly.


  • It means you'll validate your hunches.
  • You'll relax into the natural flow of the universe.
  • You'll understand why you made the choices you did and the gifts you received—that were necessary.
  • You'll see clearly—what it's time to let go of, for the personal evolution and internal revolution you are craving.
  • You'll understand what your next step is and feel supported to take it.
  • It means you'll learn—session by session—how to cultivate a mindfulness practice that will serve as a rechargeable battery pack for you, as a person and spiritual being.

And this, my dear friend, elevates the vibration of humanity.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
— Howard Thurman

spiritual guidance sessions

For my new friends that have not studied with me before - the initial session together will be almost like a private lecture. We will cover vast landscape and span multidimensional realms. Discussion will include: the nature of reality, belief systems, human mind, high sacred self, and everything else. I will provide you with personal information on your core belief patterns and how to access and connect with your high self.

Investment: $100 per hour

 Yoga Nidra Teachers

Sessions together will be a dedicated space & time to go deeper into concepts of the practice, ask all your questions, refine your teaching skills, and quench your thirst for 'what is more'.

Investment: $100 per hour



Please note: Private sessions won't be available from now on until further notice, as I retreat into motherhood. Please stay in touch by subscribing to my newsletter and I will update you when I offer my services again. Thank you.





i look forward to connecting with you...


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